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Front Office Conversation


Reservation by phone


Check in with reservation

Booking Room

R : Good morning, welcome to Aldira Hotel. How may assist you.
G: Good morning , i want to stay at this hotel.
R: Excusme madam/sir , have you made reservation before ?
G: Yes , I have.
R: may I know you name , please ?
G: My name is Kristi.
R: wait moment, please. I will check for you.
G: Yes thank you.
R: Miss Kristi, your name in our list. Your book 204, and your pay by travel agent, is that          right miss ?
G: Yes that right.
R: May i have your voucher, please?
G: Yes you are.
R: Would you like to fill the registration from, please?
G: Can you help me to fill this?
R: Yes, alright.
     May I borrow your ID card, please?
G: Yes you are.
R: Thank you.
R: Miss Kristi, your room number is 204, we charge you Rp 275.000,00 included 21% tax &        service and breakfast for 2 person. You stay with us until 1 january 2011, is that right madame ?        
G: Yes that’s right.
R: Excuse me, this is your envelope inside completed with ID card, cash receipt and your breakfast voucher for tommorrow morning.
G: Yes thank you.
R: Excuse me , are you ready go to your room now?
G: Yes I am ready.
R: Our bell boy will escorte you to your room now.

R: Good morning , this is reservation seaking. How may assist you?
G: Good morning, I would like to book a room, please?
R: Yes Sir, may I know what date you will be arriving?
G: I will be arriving on 15 december 2012 until 18 december 2012.
R: Wait a moment please, I will check available room.
G: Yes, please.
R: You are lucky, because room still available for you.
G: Yes, please your explain about room fasilities and hotel fasilities?
                        R: In our hotel have three type room, the first suite room, second deluxe room, third is standart room, the view is pool. the room facilities is privat balcony, living room, small kichen, mini bar, wardobe, television, telephone, air conditioner,bath room complete with shower, bath tub with hot and cold running water, wash basin . And hotel fasilities complete with boga sari restaurant,meeting room, sport area,parking area, laundry, and beuty salon and spa.
                        Well,,, the room rate is suite Rp 350.000,00 , deluxe Rp 275.000,00 , standart Rp 250.000,00 net include breakfast for 2 person.Which one do you like?
                        G: Yes I like 1 suite room, for three night.
R: Alright Sir, May I kno about your name.
G: My name is Budiawan.
                        R: Yes sir , May I know how about your deposit, please ?
                        G: Ok, I will pay, how much I shoud pay ?
                        R: You must pay Rp 350.000,00 for one night ?
                        G: Of course. If that possible , May I tranfer the payment ?
                        R: Sure, If you want transfer the payment, you can tranfer with BCA bank in your city, and our account is 11234560000, is that alright, Sir ?
                        G: Ok. Thank you for you information.
                        R: May Repeat your Request, Sir ?
                        G: Yes Please.
                        R: Mr Budiawan, you would like one suite room,and the rate is Rp 350.000,00 neet + Breakfast, you will be arriving at 15 december 2012
                        Until 18 december 2012, you will be pay the deposit with rekening,
                        And Would you like a something else ?
                        G:  No thank, I thing it is inaft.
                        R: Thank you very much for you reservation. Loking forwad for your coming to our hotel. Have you have any cencellation about your reservation, please inform as soon sa possible.
                        G: Thank you very much for your service.
                        R: Your Welcome.
Conversation Walk in Guest

Reception        : Good morning, welcome to Edotel Hotel Denpasar, how may I help you?
Guest               : Good morning, I would like to stay here.
Reception        : Do you have any reservation before, Sir?
Guest               : No, I don’t have.
Reception: May I know what type of room do you want to get, for how long time and how many person Sir?
Guest: I want to reserve one standard twin bed room for 5 nights, it’s from 3rd February 2011 until 7th February 2011 and that’s for one person.
Reception: Wait a moment please Sir, I would like to check the room available that you want on that period.
Guest               : Yes, please …
*** Few second later ***
Reception: Thank you for your waiting Sir, you’re very lucky because, one standard twin bed room still available on that period. May I explain to you about room and hotel facilities, Sir?
Guest               : Yes, please …
Reception: The room facilities in our hotel such as private balcony, living room, kitchenette, refrigerator with mini bar, wardrobe, television, Telephone with telephone attention, air conditioner and safety deposit box. Bath room complete with shower, bath tub and wash basin complete hot and cold running water. And the hotel facilities such as restaurant and bar, coffee shop, meeting room, tailor, laundry, saloon and beauty, sport area and parking area.
The room rate is Rp.250.000,00 nett include breakfast.
Well Sir, would you like to take this room?
Guest: Yes, I take this room.
Reception: Well Sir, please fill this registration card, this is your pen and this is your welcome drink, please enjoy it!
Guest: Ok, Thank you.
(Reception fills the guest card and breakfast coupon)
Guest: I’ve finished filling the registration card.
Reception: Thank you, may I check your registration card, please?
Guest: Yes, of course.
Reception: Well Mr. James, may I know about your payment?
Guest: I’ll pay by credit card, May I know what kind of credit card you accept in your hotel?
Reception: In our hotel accept 3 kind of credit card such as: AMEX (American express), BANK AMER, and DC (Diner club). May I know what type of credit card do you have?
Guest : I’ll pay by AMEX.
Reception: May I borrow you credit card please, because I will take your deposit 100% the room rate for one night, so that’s Rp. 250.000,00.
Guest: Ok, this is my credit card.
*** Few second later ***
(Reception fills the cash receipt)
Reception: Thank you Mr. James, this is your credit card and cash receipt. Please you can check again your deposit.
Guest: Yes, that’s alright.
Reception : Well, Mr. James, may I repeat your guest card?
Guest: Yes, please.
Reception: Well, your name is Mr. James Smith and your room number is Melati 2, the room rate is Rp. 250.000,00 nett included breakfast and your departure date is 7th February 2011, is that right, Sir?
Guest: Yes, that’s right
Reception: Our hotel have some information such as, at the F.O cashier, we have safety deposit box, if you have valuable things please, you keep in there. Because in our hotel not responsibility for the lost valuable. It’s just for information Sir, check out time in our hotel at 12.00
·         (show the room key and guest card)
This is your room key and guest card. First of all, if you would like going to outside hotel, please keep your room key in the receptionist desk because, if you lost your room key our hotel will be charge you Rp. 25.000,00 extra charge. Secondly for guest card you can keep this one during you stay in our hotel.
·         (show the breakfast coupon)
This is you breakfast coupon. If you would like to have a breakfast, please come to Bogasari restaurant. It’s open from 06.00 A.M until 10.00 A.M, and don’t forget to bring your breakfast coupon at the cashier. And if you have some letter and facsimile, please, you can come at receptionist desk. And we’ll be help you and the last information are for the check out time at 12.00 P.M at noon. Well, Mr. James that all clear for you?
Guest: Yes, thank you for your information. Well, may I’m asking you about something?
Reception: Yes, course sir.
Guest: Alright, this evening I have a plan to going outside hotel to shopping a lot of things, but I still confused. Can you suggest me where is the department store is near from here? And it should be has good qualities for the product.
Reception: Well sir, I suggest you to go to Matahari Departmnet Store.
Guest: Can you give some information about that place? And what something special I can get there?
Reception: Matahari deparment store is located at Denpansar, if you’d like to going to this place it’s about five kilometers and if there are not any traffic jam you don’t need to spend a lot of your time because you just need spend your time around 25 minutes by car. If you in there, you can get anything about fashion such as: shoes, shirt, T-shirt, etc. and also if you’d like to have dinner you can find KFC there.
Guest   : Wow, I think it will be nice. But, is there any game center?
Reception: Yes, you can find Timezone. It can make you feel quite happy.
Guest   : It’s great. But I want to ask you where I should to order the taxi?
Reception: if you get any difficulty, we can help you to order the taxi. Well sir, do you agree with this?
Guest   : Yes, it’s good idea, it’s very helpful. May I know about the taxi’s fare from here?
Reception: It won’t need cost much. It’s about Rp. 5000,-  it is not expensive is it, Sir?
Guest   : Yes, it’s nice. Thank you for information.
Reception: Wait a moment please Mr. James, I’ll calling the bell boy because our bell boy will be escort you to your room. (Calling the bell boy) bell boy please!
Bell boy: Yes, I am.
Reception: Please you escort Mr. James to the room Melati 2 and these are the guest card, breakfast coupon, and the room key.
Well, Mr. James if you need more information or something else please you dial extension number 0 from room telephone or you can come to the reception desk, thank you for coming, I hope you have a nice stay in our hotel and have a good vacation.
Guest   : Thank you for all of service.
Reception: You’re welcome.

reception: Hello, thank you for calling the Desolation Hotel. My name is Pierre. How can I help you?
Syl: Yes, hello. I’d like to make a reservation.
reception: Certainly. When would you like to check in?
Syl: Do you have any rooms available for October 12th?
reception: Yes we do. And for how many nights will that be?
Syl: That’s four nights.
reception: So you’ll be checking out on October 16th, then?
Syl: No, the 17th.
reception: I’m sorry sir, that’s, uh… The 17th would be five nights.
Syl: Aaah, right, right. Sorry.
reception: No problem, sir. So that’s five nights and you’ll be checking out on the 17th?
Syl: Yep.
reception: Okay. And would you like a smoking room or a non-smoking room?
Syl: No smoking, please.
reception: Certainly.
Syl: By the way, how much are the rooms?
reception: Well, the rates depend on the type of room. For the nights you’ll be staying, we have the Deluxe Executive Suite and a standard room available. The Deluxe Executive Suite is $649, plus tax, per night.
Syl: Oh wow! How much is the standard room?
reception: The standard room is $233, plus tax.
Syl: OK, I’ll take the standard room, please
reception: No problem sir. May I have your name, please?
Syl: Yes, it’s Syl Primeau.
reception: Could you spell that for me, please?
Syl: Sure. It’s, uh, S-Y-L  P-R-I-M-E-A-U.
reception: S-Y-L  P-R-I-M-E-A-U?
Syl: Yup, that’s rigonht.
reception: Great. OK, and how will you be paying?
Syl: Do you take Visa?
reception: Yes we do. Would you like to use that?
Syl: Yes, please.
reception: Okay, great. Can I have your credit card number, please?
Syl: Let me check. Just a moment, please. (Gets wallet.)  That’s, uh… Let me see here… Yeah, it’s, uh… 1234 5678 9000.
reception: OK, let me confirm that number. Is it 1234 5678 9000 ?
Syl: Yes, that’s right.
reception: OK, and what’s the expiration date?
Syl: The expiry date? Is, uh, April 2014.
reception: April, 2014. OK. Okay, great! You’re all set. Will there be anything else today?
Syl: No, that’s fine. Thanks.
reception: OK. Thank you. Have a good day sir.
Syl: Thanks. You too.
reception: Goodbye.

CLERK                       :   Good morning.
                                        Reservation section, martin speaking
                                        May I assist you?
GUEST                       :   Good Morning, I’d like to reserve a room.
CLERK                       :    For how many persons, miss? And what kind of room do you need?
                                         and for how long?
GUEST                       :    For one person and I reserve one standard double room for 3 nights. And
                                         may I know about the room rate?
CLERK                        :  Yes miss. The room rate is US$ 120 per night. And when you will arrive in our                    hotel?
GUEST                       :  On December 20t , 2010
CLERK                       :  Yes miss. Wait a moment please, I will check first (checking)
                                        good news miss, the room you need is available for that period .
                                        May I know your name, miss?
GUEST                       :  My name is  DEVI NOVITA
CLERK                       :  D-E-V-I N-O-V-I-T-A. is that’s correct,miss?
GUEST                       :  Yes.
CLERK                       :  Is this reservation for you, Miss Devi?
GUEST                       :  No , I’m reserve  this room for my accounting manager, his name is Mrs Maria.
CLERK                       :  M – A – R – I – A. is that’s correct, Miss Devi?
GUEST                       :  Yes. And can I have the room with the garden view, please?
CLERK                       :  All right, miss. One room with the garden view.
                                        May I have your phone number, please?
GUEST                       :  085756474500
CLERK                       :  May I have your company name with the address, please?
GUEST                       :  PT.Makmur Jaya, on Jalan Kemiri No.23 Jakarta, Indonesia
CLERK                       :  May I know about the arrival detail, please?
GUEST                       :  At the airport By GA / 312 about 5 P.M
CLERK                       :  May I know how about the payment?
GUEST                       :  By company account and my company will pay about the room rate,breakfast
                                       and lunch and other transaction by personal account.
CLERK                       :  Yes miss.
                                   anythink else?
GUEST                       :  No, thank you.
CLERK                       :  Would you like to send guaranteed letter  to our hotel, please?
                                        today if possible.
GUEST                       :  Yes,I will send guaranteed letter today by fax.
CLERK                       :  Thank you miss Devi, And may I repeat about your reservation?
GUEST                       :  Yes of course.
CLERK                        :  Miss Devi you reserve one standard room with the garden view for your                              accounting     manager his name is Mrs Maria and the room rate is US$ 120           nett/night. She will stay in our hotel start from October 18, 2010 for 3 nights and the flight number is GA / 312 arrive at 5 P.M, your phone number is 085756474500.The payment will pay with your company the name is PT. Makmur  Jaya on jalan kemiri No 23 Jakarta, Indonesia for room rate,breakfast and lunch,and other transaction by personal account. Is that’s right, Miss?
GUEST                       :  Yes, That’s right.
CLERK                       :  Thank you for you reservation Mrs Devi.
                                        We look forward to welcoming Mrs Maria in our hotel.
GUEST                       :   You’re welcome. 


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